Heather Munch, the creative

Heather Munch has been a violinist for nearly two and half decades, through performance and practice she has learned that movement of the body and mind is a vital role in creating an expression that listeners and viewers are able to connect to.

Heather’s core belief lies in ones recognition of their ability to move. We all possess this action. The breath is movement. The thought is movement. As humans we all make it look different, but it’s quite undeniable that movement creates a wholesome being.

Heather strives to develop resources for artists to unite and communicate about the way in which movement helps their creative process and work. As masters we seek perfection through practice, unfortunately when it comes to yoga there is no end result. No near perfection, only bus stops along a never ending journey. Learn to find strength in a movement practice, learn to find control of parts of your body that lack acknowledgment, and most importantly learn to find creativity and passion in something that will never cease to inspire you.


My Mission

Through yoga, we can unleash a multitude of thoughts, emotions, hidden treasures and even the deepest, darkest demons. When we move our bodies we awake what already lives within us. Simply being with your own thoughts creates space and motion. Movement creates expression and expression creates wonder. Allow yourself the ability to create.